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Kaylin Bradley Established Bradley Property Restorations LLC in September of 2015 and is currently the director of sales for Jones Homes Custom Builders "Jonesin' In The City", currently working with developers to bring bigger custom builds to the city. Kaylin has an impressive rolodex of trades, contractors, lenders, attorneys, stagers, home builders and anyone/everything you would need to get a home ready for sale. Kaylin has experience as a landlord, as well as overseeing two complete home renovations. She has helped many of her clients through the renovation process (to get their home ready to sell) with her extensive knowledge in the field.

When she says she knows real estate, she knows everything from the building process, how to maintain a property, how to sell it and how to find the best available property in the ever-growing market. With four years of selling homes for one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the city, as well as direct access to an award winning custom builder, Kaylin is the ultimate connection to have. As a native Richmond-er who has lived in Northside her whole life, Richmond is her home and in her blood. Along with wearing many hats, Kaylin likes to stay up to date with market trends to ensure that you are getting the best, fresh and newest inventory available in the Richmond market.

Kaylin has the knowledge and necessary software to serve the commercial market, as well. Along with her love and knowledge for real estate, she also has dentistry in her family background. She has not only worked as an Office Manager for her mom’s dental practice for nearly a decade, but has been on several dental missions in Central America. She is a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan and loves spending time at her lake house with family and friends as well as finding new restaurants to try in her spare time. Kaylin is also a mother to a very cute and spunky English Bulldog, Lena!